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From the Other Side

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This is a song for my old self
Don't worry, it will turn out well
Just cause you can't see to the end
Doesn't mean you won't make it round the bend
You may think you're not strong enough to fight
You may think that you'll never see the light
But I'm here, I can say from the other side
You'll be alright

This is a song for how far I've come
A thousand times closer to the sun
There were weeks when I forgot how to smile
Then a friend came and walked with me a while
I still question whether what I do is best
I often think that I've made my life a mess
But in truth, I can see when I look inside
I've turned out fine

This is a song for who I'll be
It's hard to imagine a future me
I don't know all the things I'll need to learn
I don't know all the new ways I'll get hurt
But I know there'll be friends standing by my side
Who will help me make it through this wild, wild ride
So I'll pray in all faith from the other side
I'll be alright