Marika Straw, a native of Wallowa County, Oregon, has been singing from the womb and tickling the keys since age eight. They began their musical career in middle school playing for their public school jazz choir and started delving into church music at their grandparents’ church in high school. While attending Lawrence University and Conservatory of Music, they became interested in anthropology and social justice, traveling to India where they completed a well-received ethnomusicology project on women’s participation in community drumming ensembles. 

After moving to Asheville in 2017 and winning 2nd Place in the Brown Bag Songwriting Competition, their musical career took off. They enjoyed performing their originals for piano and voice, and singing trad jazz at venues across town, and playing organ at First Congregational United Church of Christ in downtown Asheville. In 2019, Marika released their first professionally produced single, "Waiting".

Please check out more of their music on their live recordings page, and feel free to reach out via their contact page if you are interested in booking or speaking with them!