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Song For My Grief (Range Rider Nov '23)

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How could I write a song to get you to come back to me?
Generate a melody that you couldn’t flee
Undo all the pain I’ve caused with one simple song
Without singing a song already been sung?
I don’t know if it helps I’m not the only one

What if I could write a song to get you to come talk with me
Listen to my side of things and accept my apology
Tell me why you’re still so hurt that I chose to leave
What if I could write a song to get you to come back, come back to me?

I’ve been longing for you for too many years
Wish you’d even speak to me
You’ve decided you’re no longer in my life
I wish you’d forgive!

Wash all my tears from my tired eyes
Too many years to hang on
I’ll take a walk in some fresh, clean air
You were already gone

What if I wrote a song to release all the pain inside?
Engineered a masterpiece that would calm my grief
Wouldn’t need to be for you, for the world, only me
What if I wrote a song, wrote a song for my grief?