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Zora's review of my music, top of the Wallowa Lake Tram, Summer 2023. (I do not know Zora!)

EO Alive TV Arts Beat

Rikki Jo Hickey

Rikki Jo Hickey promotes Marika Straw's Nov. 2023 show at the Range Rider on her arts beat: "Up in Enterprise, at 7 pm, the Range Rider Bar and Grill brings you a night of music that you will not want to miss. Marika Straw is a local Wallowa County born and raised resident with a passion for justice and support in the LGBTQ+ community. Their music is full of movement, pauses, emotion, and depth that bring stories of a wild and gentle heart to light, making for an entrancing storytelling night. Marika's voice will captivate you like a siren, and energize your soul in a vibrant bath of rich tonality, with a timbre that will lull you into a reverie."

WNC Original Music

Podcast Interview by Ron Taylor

In April 2018, I had the honor of being interviewed by the goofy and thought-provoking Ron Taylor for his podcast, WNC Original Music. What followed was a magical snapshot of a moment of growth and realization in my musical career. 

Have a listen to the 45-minute interview at this link!

Feature by the Wallowa Valley Music Alliance, Joseph, OR January 2017

Press in Marathi (a local Indian language) and English regarding my drumming ensemble involvement in Pune, India, 2012 & 2016